As you all know we did go to a closed Beta, after finding people had to wait longer than we would like them to have access we are going back to an open beta state. For those players that did apply and never got the email confirmation back we do apologize for this. We will be going through the Beta for the next several months, as we trying to get an accurate account of the current bugs to get them fixed on a priority level basis. We are asking everyone to please post in the Forums under the 'server chat' section the bugs you come across and please list them with the top 5 you feel need the most and direct attention. There will be no wipes at the end of the beta phase going into a live open state.



We also have updated our Launcher once again, this is the final version of the launcher so please make sure you update to this version to get all the critical server files needed to play on TSR. Below is a preview oof the launcher so you know that you have the correct one installed.



Thank you for taking the time to visit The Spirit Realm.

Published by TheJackal, December 9, 2018